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Grateful at Fifty

I turned 50 this year. My birth was a miracle. When my mom was pregnant, doctors said I might be dead or just a stone. The doctors wanted to operate to remove whatever was there, but my mom being a woman of faith and a fighter, refused. She walked 5 km to a church every day, praying for a safe delivery.

I was born, but challenges kept coming. My family was poor. My younger brother had a medical condition that required constant care. For a minimal amount, a village doctor treated him. At one point, the situation got worse and they had to take him to a better hospital. My parents didn’t have 50 rupees at the time, so we lost him that night. Even I had karrapan (eczema) on my leg. I got healed with treatment, though. Wheezing followed. It fills me with gratitude to have reached 50 in good health.

I celebrated my birthday with my family – my wife, kids, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. Having them beside me for this milestone was another blessing. We stayed in a backwater resort in Kerala, enjoyed a private dinner and a backwater cruise.

I feel so blessed to be turning 50. From a challenging past and poor beginnings to being healthy and surrounded by loved ones today – I am grateful for it all.