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Security should enable business, not hinder it

Bitwarden network issue

For the past four or five years, I have been using 1Password as my trusted password manager. Recently, I decided it was time to introduce my boys to password managers as they began exploring the internet and using various online services. It was then that I discovered Bitwarden, an open-source alternative. Intrigued by its affordability and open-source nature, I decided to give it a shot and support their cause.

I successfully created a login and signed up for a new service. However, when attempting to log in, I encountered an error message stating my network traffic was suspicious and advised me to try another network. With only one network available, I turned to their support system for help. They suggested rebooting my router to acquire a new IP address, but this solution proved fruitless.

Curious if others faced similar issues, I ventured onto Reddit and discovered that this problem was not unique to me. Users from various ISPs and locations across the globe were also affected. It appears that Bitwarden’s efforts to secure their platform against bots have inadvertently hindered their business.

While security is undeniably crucial for an online business, especially a password service like Bitwarden, it cannot be so stringent that it prevents customers from accessing the service or conducting transactions. Security measures should augment and enable a business rather than impede it.

Faced with this dilemma, I am now considering alternative services like KeePass or returning to 1Password for families. The lesson here is clear: security is vital but should never hinder the growth and accessibility of a business.