Who are the best teachers?

Best teacher

The internet enables you to learn from anyone, anywhere. You can learn anything you want, even archaic subjects. After learning multiple subjects via the internet, I’ve found that two types of teachers are the most effective; and one type to avoid.

Those who practice their craft and teach it well, like Dr Alan Weiss for consulting, Naval Ravikant for entrepreneurship, and Richard Feynman for physics. They’re skilled communicators who know what to do and what not to do in their fields.

Next are collaborations between practitioners and writers, researchers, or academics. Take Roger Martin and A. G. Lafley, P&G CEO, or Ram Charan and various CEOs. In order to create insight-based body of work, the academic uses deep research methods and interviews to extract the best insights from the practitioners.

But beware of smooth-talking marketers lacking deep knowledge. They churn out fluffy content without personal experience or genuine insight. Don’t fall for their tricks.