Doing boring things is a super power

Over the last year, I’ve lost weight, regained control of my health, and transformed from fat to fit. My secret? Two simple actions: eating well and jogging. Both are monotonous, but they work.

Every alternate day at 6:30 AM, I’d put on my shoes and jog for an hour. No exceptions. There was no glamour or complexity to this routine; I simply ran as slow as I could for six kilometers three days a week. Simplicity is the key to my success.

Eating well was also mundane. Idili or Dosa for breakfast; two rotis for lunch; two slices of bread and an omelette for dinner. Avoid aerated drinks, drink at least 8 glasses of water, and eat less than you spend. You should go to bed hungry. Success is simple.

Boring techniques apply to other things too – investing or building apps.

Invest in index funds or strong performers instead of complicated financial products that promise big returns. As you invest in your mutual or index fund, you’ll watch the market work its magic. This boring formula has been working for me for more than two decades. I’m not smart enough to understand complicated financial products. This simple formula has worked wonders for me. Just last year, this formula got me 47% more profits.

How about building digital products? To build products, I pick boring technologies and architectures. It’s not the fancy new technology everyone’s drooling over. I want my team to spend the weekends with their families, not fighting a technology bug nobody has solved before. Businesses should spend their money and effort capturing the market, not battling technology.

When we keep things simple, we don’t get sucked into troubles that we could’ve avoided. True success comes from repeating mundane tasks consistently. Find a “boring” task that will propel you toward your goals, and do it wholeheartedly. By doing so, you’ll unlock the power of consistency.

You’ll do more exciting things if you keep things boring.