Dictation as a Warm-Up

Whenever I sit down to work, be it writing or coding, I face a wall of resistance. I’ll distract myself with videos, trivia, or Twitter. But all I need is a gentle push, like little stretching before a run.

Dictation is my warm-up. It lets me capture ideas while walking or whenever inspiration hits. Once I sit at my computer, I can polish the draft by reading, editing, or swapping words. This simple act gets me moving, like taking that first step of a walk.

Soon enough, I’m in the flow, adding flavor with metaphors and tidying up the text. As they say, you can fix a bad page but not a blank one. And when words already fill my screen, it’s so much easier to dive in and continue writing.

If you face challenge of writer’s block, may be try dictating your thoughts. Break the resistance. Get a page filled with rough draft. Then rest will take care of itself.