Manliness Redefined

My father never hit the gym, mastered martial arts, or sculpted a six-pack. Yet, I can’t think of anyone more manly than him.

He dove headfirst into raising our family. He’d stand by my mother, chopping vegetables for dinner. Every Saturday, he washed clothes with me by his side. Once a month, we scrubbed our home clean together.

But his dedication went beyond family; he cared for our community too. Summers brought drought and water scarcity to our neighborhood. Dad worked tirelessly to find solutions along with neighbours, like digging wells or exploring other options. He also devoted himself to our church, serving as treasurer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society for years.

At work, my father faced a cunning boss from a rival community who tried to trap him with tricks. But Dad never complained or lost heart; instead, he outsmarted his boss and earned promotions until he retired as headmaster.

When my mother, a school teacher, faced issues with promotions or pay hikes, Dad wrote letters and petitioned with officers to ensure she got her due.

Today’s definition of manliness often revolves around gyms and bulging biceps. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about our bodies, manliness is so much more than that. Our society needs a broader view of manliness that goes beyond physicality.

It’s about how you treat your wife, raise your kids, participate in the community, and face the challenges of life.

We must see manliness as more than muscle and bone; it’s a journey of heart and soul.


Yuvika Mahajan says:

Loved it, will stay with me for ever ….Go to bed smarter than when you woke up 🙂